Thursday, October 21, 2010

Distributing Rice alongside Rescue & Restore staff

The roar of voices got louder and louder the closer we came to Rescue & Restore's counseling center. Three hundred families were waiting in a small hall to receive a gift of rice. These families are the ones that Freddy & Daisy work with on a weekly basis, and to keep from being mobbed by hungry people, the R&R staff passed out numbered tokens as an invitation to receive rice.

To be honest the energy was running very high when we arrived. People were anxious that there wouldn't be enough for them. There was a lot of pushing, shoving and some tempers flared, but all in all, this gift of rice, given from the hands of the Rescue & Restore staff will go a long way in building trust. It communicates "we care about your practical needs".

This gift was handed out by the Indian R&R staff (and Life Church in Olathe who donated the funds) and the people know it was given to bless them with no strings attached.

Here's a short video clip blessing the people before they received the rice. This was the only quiet moment of the morning!

Check back for a report on the solar light distribution in the slum...



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  2. what a wonderful thing the team is doing. i look at the pictures of the children and adults with smiles on their faces and it gives me chills. i am so proud of the team and my daughter jenna. i know it has to be hard to see everything but i know god is giving all of you the strength to push through the sites and look at all of them as gods children. i pray for the team daily for strength and encouragement to continue to be gods helpers. god bless all of you. love you jenna,, mom

  3. Hi,
    I attend Life Church with the group that recently came out to serve alongside you in Chennai. I am so moved and these pictures are so powerful, I have prayed for their trip and I continue to have my heart pricked to pray for those families and orphans that you are still working with. If it is okay with you, I have a blog as well that I just write about the things Father is moving on my heart; I have included one of your photos of their trip on there. It is if you want to see it. God bless what you are doing there, I pray Father will provide a way for our family to serve in this capacity someday!!

  4. Disregard my question about the pic...I opted to leave it off after prompting from the Holy Spirit. Know that I will continue to follow your stories and lift your ministry up in prayer. Bless you!