Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 3 - Children of Lepers Home

Monday we loaded up in the bus and headed to the Children of Lepers Home. Little Lights is home to 33 Children whose parents & or grandparents live in the leper colony. The vision of the staff is to see the lives & futures of the kids transformed. They want to break the cycle of generations that have no other way but to stay in the colonies. It was touching to hear how committed the staff are to keeping the kids very connected with their parents and families. They spend holidays with them & the parents visit regularly. Living at Little lights allows the children to get a good education, brings them into a safe place and breaks the stigma that society puts on them as children of lepers.

Joe was a toddler when the staff found him in the colony. He was tied with a rope around his wast to a tree. On the ground beside him there were 2 bowls--one for water, and one for food. His parents left him tied to the tree each day when they went out to beg.

By living at Little Lights Joe is able to play, go to school and grow up as a healthy child. I first met Joe when he was 3. He has grown and changed so much. Seeing his progress this time brought tears to my eyes.

The team presented the puppet show with the message "I am not forgotten", sang with the kids, played, and loved on them.

I walked up behind one of the girls who was decorating the back of her shirt and had to contain myself when I read what she wrote,"I like this shrit". As I looked around at the other kids' shirts in her group, I realized they all said the same thing. Glad they kept the "r" in there!

Check back tomorrow for a report from the Leper colony visit!

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