Saturday, October 9, 2010

Packing for India

Packing is an understatement. The "stuff" that keeps arriving in the mail each afternoon from wonderful people around the country who love orphans is a steady reminder of the value of connecting and giving of ourselves. It reminds me what's coming in about 24 hours. There will be hugs and kisses and goodbyes.

The last time I was in India, I saw the fruit of consistently going back. There was a new level of trust in the eyes of the kids. One of the kids cried "Patty Auntie (their name for me), we've been waiting for you". I wasn't just a one time looker. I had become their friend, their auntie.

And so, it's time again...time to board that plane. Time to open my heart, open my arms and be Patty Auntie to a whole bunch of kids that I have come to love. My prayer is that God will give them a life & future filled with His goodness. He is a faithful Father, a God who sees each one. He is a pursuing God.

Join me on this journey!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Soccer Saturday

A little clip from Sarah's soccer game! Bend it like Bekham!