Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 5 - Part 2 The Preschool in the Slum

While we were at Chengel Pattu Leper Colony, the other half of the team spent time with the kids in the Rescue & Restore Slum preschool.

They sang, told stories, colored and spent time with the children.

The kids in this preschool come to this safe haven a few hours each week day, and are fed a hot meal at the end of the school day (noon). For many of these kids, it's the only hot meal they will eat that day.

Most of the parents in this slum do not put their children in school, but the preschool offers at least a beginning to learning for the slum children. The school has made great strides in developing their program in the last few years. The teacher does a great job with them!

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