Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 2 at Hope of Glory

Today our team was with the kids & staff of Hope of Glory Home, which is home to 30 bright kids, most of whom have been rescued from horrible situations on the streets of this city. We heard from a little boy named Mark who is 11. He came into this childrens' home a number of years ago, and since that time he has new hope for his future. He goes to school, has a warm bed and people who care about him. He was thanking God for giving him this life, and for answering his prayers.

Kelly is great! She had an art project prepared for the kids. Each child had an individual square that they designed, and when we put them all together they make a beautiful landscape scene. Kelly is working on completing the piece while I'm blogging. She did a great job of drawing out the kids' creativity. Later this week we'll take the completed wall art back to hang up in their home.

Join us tomorrow as we go into the Red Light Area & to visit the "Comforter Childrens Home".... It's going to be great! You won't want to miss it.....

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