Saturday, March 27, 2010

The cleanest slum I've ever seen...

Saturday we got off to a great start visiting a slum area in a city between Pune & Mumbai. Our friends have a project to work with the people of the slum to improve their lives & community. The people are very poor and up until recently they had no toilet system or trash bins. This team installed toilet buildings and suppllied trash cans so everyone in the community can bring their trash to. A group from Australia came in and did a trash pick up throughout the slum, and held an educational class on keeping the community clean.

The biggest impact for the people of the slum was that these foreign people would come in and pick up their trash. In India only people of the lowest cast would do this kind of work. It was a huge testimony of serving the people and it has opened many doors in this slum for the team on the ground here in India.

Seeing this project first hand gives me many ideas for linking people in the US with other slum projects in the future!

There are hundreds of opportunities like this here!


Sorry, I can't post any pictures on this project! But it was clean!!!!

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