Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 3 Part 2 - the beautiful children of Santvana

In the afternoon we loaded up in the vehicle and headed out of the city to Santvana (the Comforter) Children's home. Santvana is home to 30 kids, and about half are HIV+. Many of the kids who are HIV+ are true orphans, with no living parent, since their parents have died of AIDS.

Some of the kids are children of prostitutes, and now they are living away from the Red Light area, and in a safe, loving environment, free from sexual abuse.

We did a craft project with the kids. The theme was "You are children of the King". Teaching this concept is so significant because in this society they have very little value. The children with HIV are untouchable, even by their own families. You should've seen the smiles on their faces as they proudly wore their crowns. Check out the pictures and see their beautiful faces.

Our team donated $650 (the first installment) toward a desperately needed vehicle for Santvana.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to the ladies in my Steppin' Up Bible class in McKinney. You just paid the school tuition for Rhani to go to computer school for 3 months, and you paid for Leena to learn how to drive. They are both teenage girls, and these skills will make their future more hopeful! Thanks, Ladies. Can't wait to tell you about it in person. The kids at Santvana are getting Kids' Bibles and some books from you too!!

Check back tomorrow to hear about our time at Good Shepherd Homes....

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