Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 5- Good Shepherd Transit Home

I didn't think this week could get any better, but today was the icing on the cake. We spent a good part of the day at Good Shepherd Homes "transit" home, which is the first stop for kids coming into Good Shepherd. GSS is home to 10 of the most wonderful kids I've ever met. I choked back tears a lot today. Tears of thankfulness that these kids are not only safe, but growing up being taught about God, His love, how to live, and how to love others. I've heard all their stories before. They were hungry, sleeping on the streets, abused, neglected, and many other terrible things before they came into this home. Today they shared their dreams with us. Dreams of becoming a doctor, a teacher for kids living on the streets, an army officer, a pastor. I love kids with dreams....especially when THESE kids dream.

Today they shared their Bible memory verses with us. They put us to shame with how many they know. The kids sang some beautiful songs for us. Their English is better than the last time I came. The Director told us that every one of the kids has a 90 or above average in school. They are thriving. That fact alone makes me smile! Smile so wide I can hardly contain myself.

We brought a fun craft to make together. We brought Tshirts for them to paint. It was terrific to see their creativity unleashed. They were careful. Each shirt was unique and special. Sunday they are going to all wear them to church...boy, I'd love to see that. Thank you Barbara and David Goss at New Hope. The kids loved the shirts!

Our team donated enough money to buy personal Bibles for each child & thanks to the ladies in my Steppin' Up Bible class in McKinney the kids will each have a new MUCH needed Sunday dress outfit for church. Thank you!

Check out the pictures from today and check back for tomorrow's blog....

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