Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 4 - Good Shepherd Homes

What an awesome day we had today meeting the kids at Good Shepherd Home. GSH has a total of 116 kids in 3 different facilities right now, but they are in the process of building one larger home that will enable them to take up to 400 children when it's completed. We got to see the property that is the future site.

I love hearing the heart of the director of this home. Their vision (and how they operate now on a smaller scale) is to have smaller "foster homes" all together with a communal kitchen that cooks for all the homes so the house parents can devote their time and energy to the kids. They operate family style.

Mung & Ching are house parents to a group of boys. We sat and had tea with them and talked with the kids for a while. Most of them have been at GSH for 8 or more years, and they feel blessed to be safe now & getting a good education & the love & support that will help them transition into adulthood.

The boys have been working on a photography project. A young man donated cameras and is teaching them basic photography. The boys love learning, and several have proven to be naturals with the camera. Who knows, maybe there are some up & coming photographers in the group!

The beautiful setting that they live in now is a stark contrast from the life they lived on the streets of Mumbai. There they struggled to survive and protect themselves from abusers on every side. It's so good to see them living in a part of the countryside that is peaceful, and away from the crowded city. They are safe now.

We also heard stories of the kids who first came to GSH 10 years ago. One of the first girls is now a nurse, and she wants to get her masters next.

All around, it was a great day. I've had some trouble with swollen feet (still from flying) and a pain in one of my legs. Please pray for me if you have a moment. I'd like to make the most of every day, and not spend any time in an Indian hospital!

Check back Wednesday for a report on the transition home of GSH...Tshirts & more....


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