Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Slums - Part 2

This afternoon, after a short break from the heat, we made our way to a second slum, which is home to a little under 1,000 people. We visited a small church whose pastor grew up in Rescue & Restore Shelter. As a child he lived on the streets, but was rescued by the directors of Rescue & Restore when he was a young boy. Rahkesh* is a grown man now, and just over a year ago he started a small church in this slum. His congregation has 38 families now who are actively involved, and they are thriving and growing.

Seeing Rahkesh rescued from utter hopelessness as a child to grow up to be a man of influence in his community today gives me hope that this is possible for many more. I'm thankful for my friends here in India that pour out their lives daily on behalf of these kids. It's an honor to know them.

We sang some songs together, joined in with their Childrens program, and encouraged many who asked for prayer.

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my dear Norwegian friends. Stay tuned for more from Chennai....


*named changed

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