Wednesday, October 13, 2010

No one else is just like you in this big world

Sitting in a circle tonight with 28 kids from Rescue & Restore Childrens' Shelter, you could hear a pin drop as the song began...."You are special, and God cares about you. You are special and God cares about you. No one else is just like you in this big world. No one else is just like you in this big world."

Tears streamed down the director's face as she listened to our team sing the song from the back of the room. Later she pulled one of our team members aside and said that the words touched her heart deep inside. Things have been so hard for them in the last few months that she was beginning to wonder if they were alone and forgotten.

This song was like a balm to the kids that live in the shelter as well as the staff who work tirelessly to care for them.

The kids's stories are both heartbreaking and full of hope. Some were abused, some abandoned, and all needed a home with someone to love and care for them. That is what Rescue and Restore is for each one.

Tonight our team had a wonderful time loving the kids, giving them a special meal and letting them know THEY ARE NOT FORGOTTEN. Our heavenly Father knows them, loves them and sent us to remind them of that.

Here's a clip from tonight!


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