Friday, October 15, 2010

Norway team heads home...Kansas team about to arrive!

Today we spent a few hours with Freddy and Daisy, the directors of Rescue & Restore Shelter. It was a precious time! Then it was off to do last minute shopping, packing and dinner together to wrap up the Hearts of Mercy trip to India.

The team just left for the airport, and they'll be boarding their plane in a few hours heading home to Norway and their families.

What a privilege it's been to have these incredible ladies here in Chennai this week. They are an encouragement to everyone they meet!


In about four hours I leave for the airport to meet the second group that's joining me--an amazing group of 9 from Kansas! Check back tomorrow to follow our time. For now, it's a quiet four hour reprieve :) Just me and my computer. The guys here in the hotel can't figure out why I'm not leaving! Haha. Little do they know.


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