Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 1 - Punjabis & more

After arriving at the hotel and sleeping a few hours, we loaded up in the mini bus and headed out to buy the ladies punjabis to wear during their time here in India. Shopping for punjabis is a pretty wild cultural experience, especially during "festival" definitely isn't like heading to the mall. Hundreds of people were packed into the fabric store, and each person hunted for the fabric of their choice to make a suit. It was great to see Jeff Goldsby getting down and digging through a bin of women's scarves. What a guy!

From the fabric store we went to a tailor shop to be measured and then we stopped running (& sweating, I might add) for a dinner break.

The team members were quite the troopers! I kept them running all day, so they sleep really well tonight and get over jet lag quickly, and they kept up all day without complaint. In the process they got to catch their first glimpses of what life is like here in India.

We wrapped the day up with a time of preparation for a full day tomorrow. In the morning we'll be attending a growing church in the slum, and in the afternoon & evening we'll be at Rescue & Restore Childrens' Shelter.

Check back tomorrow for all the highlights!

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  1. Good to see that everyone made it there safe. Looks like the pujabi hunt wasn't as crazy as last time.