Thursday, April 8, 2010

home sweet home

I'm sitting here listening to the birds chirping outside, and thanking God for home and all that home means. In the last day and a half, in between dealing with a very upset stomach & jet lag, I've been thinking about the people I met in India & the stories of pain, redemption and hope that I heard. I've found myself tearing up at times....praying for them, thanking God for giving them the hope for a new life.

It's awesome taking part in seeing peoples lives changed from utter hopelessness to lives of possibility. It's motivating. It's changed the focus of my life. God has a story for each person. It's a story full of hope and purpose. Love seeing that unfold.

I've also been thinking of how I can motivate others to get involved....more on that later!

For now, I'm processing and thanking God for allowing me the privilege of bringing others along with me to visit orphans & victims of human trafficking....and today I'm enjoying being with the ones I love most in the world: Bruce, Caleb, Nick & Sarah Hope. Especially thankful for my daughter who is growing up with a mom and dad who love her. Thank you, God. He is a good Father who puts the lonely in families.


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  1. Patty, when you feel rested enough, give me a call.