Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some of my favorite kids in the world!

As I walked in the door of the transition home, ten kids surrounded me with shouts & hugs, "Patty, Auntie, we've been waiting for you". Those few words filled my heart with a joy that's hard to define with words. Their little faces smiling up at me is a beautiful thing. As I came into their tiny home, they pressed in beside me, staying close.

On their bulletin board is a picture of the Bauman family. They pray for us almost daily and they look forward to the next visit which happens about every six months. Very humbling. They come from terrible situations, living on the streets, many times without food. Their lives have been rescued, redeemed. They are in a family now. "He sets the lonely in families".

Their childlike faith astonishes me. Their honest, sincere cries to the Lord were so beautiful last night. Simple, full of trust, bold. I think they were the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard in my life.

They surrounded me to pray for the start up of the jewelry project that will help many people. All of a sudden they started praying at once out loud. Their cries got louder and louder as they prayed. They were crying out to God for His help on my behalf. I could hear one little girl, Sonu*, saying "Lord, please help her. Without you SHE CANNOT DO ANYTHING!"

That about sums it up. Without Him I cannot do anything.

Here's a clip of the kids practicing a Christmas song they will sing when they go caroling. I asked them to stop by my house in Texas!!! They said they would love to.


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